• The Pigs at Coombe Farm

    The Pigs

    Oink oink oink. Coombe Farm loves it’s pigs, which live in the bottom field away from the cottages. They have great personalities, and come running to Farmer Jez (they have food on the brain). The ladies are saddleback (striped) crossed with pietrain (spots). After hilarious incidents of herding them back they are now safely contained and happy in their muddy field. We are currently without pigs though we will be getting some again at some point.

  • The Sheep at Coombe Farm

    The Sheep & Lambs

    We have a range of breeds of sheep including Grey Face Dartmoor and Suffolk sheep. They like to eat and are especially funny when they are too lazy to stand up and kneel on their elbows to chomp up the grass. We have an unusual tree where the roots are exposed growing over what used to be a wall. They use it as a climbing frame, and a sun shade, and they can often be seen snuggled into the roots snoozing away the afternoon.

  • The Chickens at Coombe Farm

    The Chickens

    The chickens live up in their house in the vegetable garden. You call always hear when they are laying an egg, it’s quite a commotion. They are delicious eggs with very fresh yellow yokes. They love to scratch over the garden weeds looks for insects. No cockerels here, as they’ve been too noisy in the past!

  • The chickens of Coombe Farm

    The Goats

    Piran and friends would give Houdini himself a run for his money as escape artists, even making it as far as the swimming pool on one occasion. They are now happily now trapped in the field (hopefully!) with Arthur, Merlin and Launcelot, where Farmer Jez gives him “goat kisses”.

  • bees beehive savethebees

    The Bees

    In 2016 we got our first beehive at Coombe Farm. We are learning the ropes and trying to do our bit to save the bees. It’s lovely having them buzzing around. We now have 4 hives set in the furthest corner down past the pigs, well out of the way of everyday life.

  • Luther and Tabasco the cats at Coombe Farm

    The Cats - Luther and Tabasco

    Tabasco and Luther live in the farmhouse. When they are not sleeping on the sofa they like to check out what is going on, and look for mice and rabbits. They are very friendly, and like to come and say hello as they like to be with people.